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About Us

Wyoming Sunmade, LLC, is a family-owned and operated company located in the plains of Wyoming. Our goal is to provide feline family members with the best litter possible. We are confident that we produce the highest quality clumping cat litter you have ever purchased, because our family operates the entire process with great care from the raw material to final packaging. In our operations we continually seek to reduce our environmental impact, because we understand the necessity of maintaining our ecosystem.

The raw material for this cat litter is a unique, naturally occurring sodium type bentonite which only exists in this small corner of the world. We take extra care to select only the best raw materials, so that harsh allergenic chemicals need not be added. Our unmatched  drying process is not accelerated using fossil fuels such as coal, which produces harmful emissions, hardens the texture (creates dust,) and leaves residues that your sensitive cat can detect. We sun-dry the bentonite completely, which allows water to be slowly and naturally evaporated. The result is litter as pure as nature intended, with a soft texture that cats love. This superior product eliminates the need to scrape the bottom of the box and enables automatic litter boxes to function well.

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