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I just opened my first bag of Wyoming Sunmade cat litter and I am so relieved to have finally found my holy grail of cat litter. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. You have a customer for life.

I purchased the litter at Pet Supply Port in Saukville, WI. It's a bit of a drive for me(about a 60+ mile round trip), so I asked them about buying 10 at a time to minimize the travel. I made another trip down Sunday and took home 3 bags and ordered another 10. I am so looking forward to not having a layer of dust on everything in the house! Feel free to use my comments. I am just so happy to find what I've been looking for finally. Thanks so much!!

Anna C

I have had cats for over 40 years and have during that time used various types of cat litter - I and most importantly my cats have found your product to be of the highest quality.  My first purchase was a test, as usual I used in just one litter box (I currently have four litter boxes) to my surprise in a very short time period both cats started using only that box almost exclusively.  This was very surprising for two counts, first I have a cat over twenty years old and she is very picky about her choice of cat litter and second my other cat is thirteen years old and is even picker and has used an electronic litter box only for the past five years.  I chose Wyoming Sunmade Scoopable Cat Litter as a test because a) it was delivered to my door, b) is 99% dust free, (this advertisement was a large draw as I am tired of the litter dust throughout my house and I found this was a very true claim!)  c) non-tracking, (also very true!)  d) stronger clumping ability and e) uses less litter per box.  I have had to discard all other types of cat litter in the other three cat boxes and use only the Wyoming Sunmade Scoopable Cat Litter, my cats have insisted on this.


Please feel free to use any of the above paragraphs for your advertising purposes; I am sure you will have to cut large portions to make it work for you.  But the product is very good and I hope I have found a cat litter that will be available in the foreseeable future.




After about a month of using Wyoming Sunmade Cat Litter, my wife and I have noticed a marked improvement in our own health and the health of our cats.  All of us have more energy and our activity levels have all gone up.  I can only surmise that the layer of dust our old brand produced on the furniture was also building up in our lungs.  Of course it's wonderful that the cats smell better, their fur feels better and we don't go through near as much litter as we used to, but the fact that it actually improved our health allows Wyoming Sunmade Cat Litter to claim its title as a true "Miracle Product."


I wanted to let you know that my 3 house cats all prefer your litter to the stuff I was using!  I have 2 boxes side by side, one with Wyoming Sunmade and the other with Arm & Hammer and yours by far gets the most visits each day. 

I just hate to make my mailman work that hard!! But I will be ordering more. Like you said, it lasts a lot longer and I still have plenty on hand. I am impressed by how it has no dust!


Best, Cindy


I have been a cat owner all 45 yrs. of my life.  I have used lots of different kinds of cat litter but I couldn't ever find a brand that didn't have a perfume smell or had very little dust. 
Then, two years ago, I started using Wyoming Sunmade litter.  My four cats like it, there is no perfume smell, very little dust, and best of all it doesn't stick to their paws.  No dragging litter all through the home.  No more dust on the counter!  So, I'm very happy with this product from Wyoming Sunmade.
Yours Truly,

Having had three cats in my home for the last 25 years and now using Wyoming Sunmade litter the last two years I've never been more pleased then with the Wyoming Sunmade litter.  I've used name brand litter, the generic and also the organic and there is no comparison to Wyoming Sunmade Litter.  The litter is 100% dust free and zero fragrance.  Also unlike many other litters, it does not get carried through the house.  As strong as I feel about having cats in my home, it's Wyoming Sunmade litter or no cats.

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