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What makes us different?

We created this clumping cat litter with the conscientious consumer in mind, who truly cares for their cat like a member of the family.  It is as close to what your cat would naturally use as possible while still maintaining the properties of a clumping litter.  Unlike other litters in the natural category (pine, silica-based, corn-based, wheat, recycled paper, etc.), the feline family member will more easily adjust to using Wyoming Sunmade litter.  Our product is pure sodium-type bentonite which naturally exhibits many of the properties of baking soda.  We screen it for the ideal particle size range, reducing dust and eliminating larger particles which allow odors to escape.  Therefore we do not need to add potentially harmful chemicals or scents, which both you and your cat can detect, to deliver results similar to other clay-based litters.  Additionally, without these harsh chemicals the litter maintains an earthy smell that feline family members love.  This is especially important for cats with litter box issues such as feral cats, who will more readily use a litter box with Wyoming Sunmade Litter.

Something else to consider when purchasing an all natural clay litter is that we know of no other company that exclusively uses the natural power of the sun to dry their raw material; most use coal-fired dryers.  Flash drying at extreme temperatures hardens the texture, a difference you can actually feel and degrades the quality of the clay which reduces clumping strength.  In fact our litter is so much softer we have had reports of cats  playing and sleeping in the litter box prior to using it as they enjoyed the silky texture so much.  If you don't believe us, feel it yourself.  No other clay litter is as soft.

Because we use only the sun, our drying process results in considerably less Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide than any other clay litter.  These may be culprits in Climate Change and are the cause of smog and acid rain.  Interesting but often unknown is that cat litter's odor absorbing properties also cause it  to absorb these potentially harmful gases and reduce its natural earthy scent.

You can rest assured that we are producing this scoopable cat litter in a manner based upon the principles of conservation and responsible environmental stewardship because the acquirement and processing is carried out on our ranch, the home to our family for four generations, and hopefully many more.  We seek to preserve the character of the land so that future generations will be able to enjoy it.  Our goal is to build a sustainable future while delivering a cat litter like no other to the feline family member.

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