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Wyoming Sunmade LLC. is located in the geographic center of the world's only supply of high quality raw material for clumping clay cat litter.  Our family owns the entire production process from resource acquirement to the final package.  

We have two brands of litter: Wyoming Sunmade and Frugal Feline.  Both lines are high value products that will bring consumers back.  Our focus on value makes our litters the clear choice for consumers in their respective markets.

Wyoming Sunmade 

Is our ultra premium litter that strictly conforms to consumers' and cats' desires: it is simply the best litter on the market.  This litter is made from the very best raw material and has the absolute lowest dust levels of any brand.  We created this product for independent pet stores.

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Frugal Feline

The Frugal Feline lineup is the best value in the industry and is targeted for mass market. It is available in Premium, Original and Economy.

Frugal Feline Premium has performance that is second to none in the value market and it will out perform many of the leading brand name litters. 

Frugal Feline Original is as good or better than most of the leading brands. 

Frugal Feline Economy is produced from tailings.  Its performance is similar to some of the leading brands.  We primarily created this litter to compete with generic and value clumping litters.

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