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Emissions Calculations

This calculation is based upon emission information taken from www.eia.gov and estimates of energy consumption for drying data from both coal drying and sun drying.  The result is a measure of the marginal difference between the respective drying methods.


These approximate calculations are based solely upon removing the approximately final 15% of moisture from the clay as this is the area in which our unparalleled drying method differs greatly from other clay litters.  The initial drying down to 25% as well as final processing are not included in these calculations as our method as well as the industry standard will be very similar in these areas.

Standard Method

Coal-fired rotary drier

One pound of coal will approximately dry 17.5 pounds of Bentonite (just removing last 15% of moisture content)

One pound of coal produces 1.86 pounds of CO2

Coal-drying that 15% of moisture out of one 20 pound bag makes 2.16 pounds of CO2

If a cat uses 12 bags per year that is 25.51 pounds of CO2 per year

If a cat is well cared for they can easily live 16 years

In 16 years that is 408.13 pounds of C02


One gallon of Diesel fuel used in a tractor with a disk, with the sun's rays doing the heavy lifting, will dry at least  50,000 pounds of Benonite (this is only to remove that last 15% of moisture)

One gallon of Diesel produces 22.38 pounds of CO2

Sun-drying that 15% of moisture out of one 20 pound bag makes 0.000448 of a pound of CO2

In 16 years that would be 0.0859 of a pound of CO2


About 10,285 BTUs of green renewable energy harvested from the sun per 20 pound bag

About 4,820% less CO2 with sun drying.  (The sun deserves about 4819.99% of the credit.  Just a total guess on that part.)   Much more efficient and eco-friendly, just not as fast.

When computing the above care was taken to use reasonable estimates for both processes.  If you feel these calculations are inaccurate it would be appreciated if you would double check the data and the math and let us know how we could improve our formulas.

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